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Staying ahead,

not just getting ahead is our focus

We measure success in units of momentum, not end results. It is not a destination but a way of life.

Share your leadership responsibilities.
Eliminate the burden of HR management.


We provide unmatched customer service

We provide everything from simple, transparent billing to immediate responses from our own team of HR experts. We’re always here when you and your employees need us.


Our solutions are flexible as your company grows and changes.

As your business changes, we will change with you. We won’t just send you a piece of paper on how to do it—we’ll provide custom strategies and answers you can trust. We’ll help protect your business, your people, and your future.


We’re cost-effective.

The math just works. We provide an excellent return on investment for small and midsize businesses.


With us, your business and your employees are safe.

We recognize the risk of liability in a co-employment relationship. With us, you’re safe. In addition to ESAC accreditation, for 25 years we’ve been champions in the fight for benefits for small businesses and shaping HR industry legislation.

Executive Advising
Even the most successful executives need occasionally to pause and examine where they are so as to move forward more effectively. They might be challenged by changing goals, radically different competitive threats, a new CEO, or simply be starting a new job and want to get gain beachhead to move forward as quickly as possible.
Our job is to provide the resources for such executives to help them leverage strengths, manage weaknesses, and nimbly move through the landmines that can populate any organizational landscape.
Results-driven business leaders.
Business growth requires complex, rapid, make-or-break decision making. At HR Futures, we provide you with the specific insights, strategies and leadership development you need to make better decisions and achieve better results. Fast-track your growing company to get ahead and staying there.
Business coaching benefits at a glance

  • Problem-solving sessions with a peer team of chief executives, presidents and business owners
  • Monthly in-person leadership coaching session with a Vistage Chair, an unparalleled resource for the small business owner
  • Professionally facilitated peer groups with a seasoned Vistage Chair
  • Up to four annual, small-group workshops lead by Vistage expert speakers
  • Connectivity resources, including an online best practices library, we, inars and member conferences
Superb workshop! I learned much from the plethora of useful information ranging from assessments to program workups, and from related measures to evaluation levels. Thank you for sharing your expertise, professionalism and experience. This workshop has provided me with excellent tools, formulas and resources.


Steve, your inspiring and insightful presentation was transformative. Many of our attendees listed elements of your presentation as one of the top three things they learned that day that they would be able to apply to their job right away in order to be more strategic.

What I saw was you in your natural element, doing a stellar performance.

What a great class! I love your enthusiasm and really learned a lot.

Thank you for your recent presentation, which was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. I appreciate your sending the document, as I wasn’t able to get everything written down. You covered so much in one hour!

Steve was great! Knowledgeable, interesting & engaging.

Thank you again for an excellent experience in the seminar. The presentation illuminated a previously murky subject area for me – one I very much wanted to understand. My confidence has increased dramatically which has increased my optimism, job satisfaction, and engagement. All in a one day class. Wow!

Steve takes what some might consider a dry subject and makes it understandable and approachable.  He can assist businesses in knowing when and how to use performance measurements to their best advantage.