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not just getting ahead is our focus

We measure success on the journey, not at the destination alone.

What We Do

HR Leadership

When your HR organization needs hands-on interim leadership due to an unanticipated exit, the need for department renovation, or new leadership to carry you through a downsizing or growth spurt, we are there. Full or part-time, we can help you bridge the gap.

Turnover Reduction

High turnover can be crippling, even fatal, to organizations. We develop the analysis, planning, and actions that allow you to re-engage the energy and commitment of your people.

HR Policies, Administration, and System Implementation

We make the difficult easy, whether by producing context-sensitive policies, supporting system implementations, refining internal processes, or managing the introduction of new programs — we are there to support your HR operational needs.


Compensation Design

Well-designed pay and incentive programs are critical to retain and motivate your people. We can analyze your market position, reconcile disparate titles, ensure pay equity, and provide a plan for allocating stock options across roles, tenure, and stages of growth. And we can help you communicate the results with empathy and impact.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring quickly, well, and cost-effectively is a competitive advantage. We will review and assess hiring practices, technologies, employment branding, and hiring outcomes to design a talent acquisition engine that can drive growth ahead of the competition.

Coaching for Success

Sometimes leaders need a trusted, confidential resource to advise, reflect, and guide; even to provide an occasional “whup upside the head”. We have been-there-and-done-that and can help your leaders take advantage of our experience without the otherwise-requisite effort and travail.